Primera Red Rice

  • Packaging Type:   Vacuum Packed 
  • Shelf Life:   2 years
  • Packaging Sizes:
    • 250g
    • 500g
    • 1 kg
    • 2 kg
    • 5 kg


Low Glycemic Index (46)​
PrimeraTM Red Rice, known as UKMRC-9 has a low glycaemic index value (41-48%) which helps to lower
and stabilize your after-meal blood glucose level.
High In Antioxidants
The anthocyanins in PrimeraTM which give red colour to the rice serve as good source of antioxidants providing a healthy wholegrain option where rice is a staple food.
Gluten FREE
Rice is a naturally gluten free grain. Benefits of gluten free diet are improve health, weight loss and increase energy.
Feeling Satiated
Low GI food is slow and stable to digest and release energy. Eating PrimeraTM red rice makes you feel satiated and not hungry fast.
Healthier than White Rice
• Anthocyanin (78mg/100g)
• Vitamins (1.5 to 5.7x higher)
• Minerals (1.8 to 5.7x higher)
• Folate (2.5x higher)
• Fibre (2.7x higher)
• Proteins (1.1x higher)

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