Day: May 4, 2021

Nasi Berlauk by Chef Wan

Ingredients •3 cups Primera Red Rice washed •7.5 cups prawn stock •1 nos big onions diced •6 cloves garlic chopped finely •1 can (12 Oz) Italian tomatoes crushed •15 nos green olives •2 tbsp paprika powder •500 gm mixed seafood •1 handful chopped Italian Parsley •A few basil leaves •2 cups peas •1 nos capsicum … Read more

Bubur Aneka By Chef Wan

Ingredients 2 Cups Primera Red Rice2 Big bowls prawn shell stock3 tbsp ghee3 cloves garlic6 nos shallots2 chicken breast diced200 g deshelled prawn diced1 carrot dicedSaltBlack pepper powder Basil leafCilantroFried onion Cooking Method Heat ghee in a pot.Add garlic, shallots and fry until golden brown.Add the diced chicken, half of the diced prawn, carrots and … Read more

Nasi Ulam Primera By Chef Wan

Ingredients for the rice 2 cups Primera Red Rice 5 cups coconut milk 2 stalks lemon grass smashed 3 pieces kaffir lime leaves 1 pieces bay leaf Salt Method to prepare the rice Cook the Primera Red Rice with coconut milk Cook the rice with salt, bay leaf, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Cook the … Read more