Primera Rice - Low GI & High Antioxidant Rice

Primera Rice, known as UKMRC9 has a low glycaemic index (GI) value, which helps to reduce after-meal blood sugar spikes. This rice is therefore suitable for consumption by all, especially for diabetics. The anthocyanins in Primera Rice serve as good source of antioxidants, providing a healthy wholegrain option where rice is a staple food. Primera Rice has a slightly nutty flavour that is pleasant to taste.  Let us start eating healthy with Primera Rice!


We are proud that our red rice is farmed in Malaysia for greater accessibility, affordability and more importantly reduce carbon footprint for a better world.

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Low Glycemic Index (46)​

Has Low Glycemic Index, GI (46) which is lower than the Standard Low GI (55 and below)

Rich In Antioxidants

Protect your cells against the effects of free radicals


Nutty flavor and pleasant to taste

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A figure representing the relative ability of a carbohydrate food to increase the level of glucose in the blood.

We are available in 200+ store nationwide such as Tesco, AEON Big, Village Grocer, Shopee and 11 street.

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